Can you suggest shoe making videos ?

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Sveta Kletina                    How To Make Shoes: The Definitive Guide

How to make shoes? If you plan to learn a craft of shoemaking and make your shoes, you must be wondering how shoes are made? Is it difficult to make shoes? Is shoe making for me? I know that because many years ago I use to ask myself the same questions. The lack of knowledge and misunderstanding the process lids to fear and makes you pass on the idea of making your own shoes. The first thing that I do with my students is to show them the big picture, show them the full process how to make shoes. This is exactly what I will share with you in this post.



  If you are making shoes you need to use steel shanks and especially if you are making high heel shoes. We place the steel shank in our insole to support our body weight. If you want to know how an...


In this tutorial, you will learn all tools needed in shoe pattern making, how to work with them and more specifically I will explain about one important tool you have to work within pattern constru...


In this tutorial, I will show you the basic approach on how to do patina on shoes. How to make patina is one of the most common questions that experienced shoemakers already (and not only experienc...

In this short shoemaking tutorial, you will learn how to adjust EVA foam boards to your sneaker's design and make shoe soles. This is an excellent material to use in your sneakers making if you can...

Pattern Making [Shoemaking Training ]



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image                                  SHOE MAKING VIDEOS

 Global diversification is a vital component of the Company’s strategic positioning. This diversification is unique in the footwear machines industry and provides many distinct advantages. Toe tech is uniquely able to supply a footwear manufacturer with all machinery,spares and components need. 

image         image            image    

       raj style collection                 eva sole wash                                 toetech india                       

image        image              image

          Shoe last                     PVS airblow injection machine                PVC INJECTION      

image         image             image

          PU-TPU                              raj styles and collection                2 col TPR TR injection  

ToeTech Footwear Machines (p) Ltd

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              Andrew Reeson 

   In this video I'll show you how to skive the vamps, add eyelets for shoelaces and bevel and burnish edges.

Shoemaking Lesson 7 - Skiving, Eyelets and Edge Finishing

In this video I'll show you how to select your leather and cut out your pieces.

Shoemaking Lesson 6 - Cutting Out

In this video I'll show you how to make pattern pieces from the standard. The original video was too long and has been split in half.

Shoemaking Lesson 5 - Creating The Pattern Pieces

In this video I'll show you how to transfer your design from the last to paper and create a standard, the forerunner to the pattern pieces. The original video was too long and has been split in half.

Shoemaking Lesson 4 - Creating The Standard

It's been nearly a year since the last video but I'm back. Hopefully this time I'll make more than two videos. This video features better light, better framing, a fancier workshop, less acne, a proper end card and the same lack of professionalism. Enjoy!

Shoemaking Lesson 3 - Designing Your Shoe

Making a Kangaroo Leather Card Wallet - Andrew Reeson

Shoemaking Lesson 1 - Choosing a Last

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